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February 2016 Archives

Congressman concerned about defective medical device

With the advances of medical technology, there are now many different options available to women in California and across the country in regards to birth control. These options allow women to decide when -- and if -- they will have children. Unfortunately, many women are complaining that one birth control option -- Essure -- is a defective medical device that causes serious harm.  A U.S. congressman has recently raised similar concerns.

Amputee victim awarded millions in medical malpractice settlement

No matter the circumstances surrounding a patient's personal life, each and every individual in California who seeks necessary medical care should be provided with adequate and timely treatment. Despite repeated attempts to get care, an out-of-state man ultimately lost all of his fingers and both of his feet to sepsis, a condition that developed while he was behind bars. He has since been awarded millions in a medical malpractice settlement.

FDA blamed for oversights with defective medical device

Advocates in the health care industry have raised concerns that the Food and Drug Administration has failed consumers in California by allowing dangerous medical devices onto the market. Many advocates and victims alike are confused as to how a defective medical device can so easily reach so many patients, causing serious injuries and infections. Currently, it is believed that the FDA's approach to defective devices and dangerous drugs is wildly inadequate.