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Congressman concerned about defective medical device

With the advances of medical technology, there are now many different options available to women in California and across the country in regards to birth control. These options allow women to decide when -- and if -- they will have children. Unfortunately, many women are complaining that one birth control option -- Essure -- is a defective medical device that causes serious harm.  A U.S. congressman has recently raised similar concerns.

Many women claim that they have suffered significant harm as a result of the use of this device. In fact, some reports indicate that 25,000 women have been impacted by serious side effects, and 10,000 complaints have been filed with Food and Drug Administration. Complaints include a variety of different side effects, including miscarriage, pain and other injuries. Some women claim that they are permanently unable to conceive while others say that the device has caused complications with other organs.

One U.S. Congressman has recently echoed many of these concerns. He claims that a public database managed by the FDA lists only five fetal deaths related to the device but claims that an independent study discovered over 300 deaths. One woman claims that side effects of the device are keeping women from completing their day-to-day activities, including working.

There are many different discoveries that have significantly improved the the overall health and well-being of people in California. Unfortunately, many people are left suffering the consequences of a defective medical device. In some cases, a lawsuit may be appropriate to help deal with these consequences and bring attention to a dangerous device.

Source:, "US Rep. alleges hundreds of fetal deaths, kickbacks linked to Essure birth control", Heather Catallo, Feb. 17, 2016

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