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March 2016 Archives

Patients hit, punched in case of nursing home neglect and abuse

Two employees are facing criminal charges and several others are out of jobs due to allegations of serious and ongoing abuse in an out-of-state nursing home. Nursing home neglect and abuse is a severe and ongoing problem for many California elders. While criminal charges might address some aspects of the emotional damages related to neglect and abuse, additional action is often necessary for victims to recover financial compensation.

Car accident orphans 3 California children

Three children are now parentless after a tragic car accident caused by a wrong-way vehicle. The children were also injured in the wreck, as well as two other people, including the driver who apparently caused the collision. California police are still investigating the car accident, although no charges have been filed against the driver yet.

Experts claim medical malpractice effected by patient likeability

Patients who have ever wondered if their likeability affects their doctors' abilities to render accurate diagnoses now have an answer -- yes. The more difficult a doctor perceives a patient to be, the less likely he or she is to render an accurate diagnosis. Misdiagnosing patients can lead to devastating instances of medical malpractice and put victims in California at serious risk for further injuries.

Veteran blames defective medical device for leg amputation

Antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers and sanitizing processes are all key players in keeping hospitals safe for patients. Whether immunocompromised or recovering from surgeries, California patients require clean, sanitary conditions in order to have the best possible recoveries. Unfortunately, one Vietnam War veteran claims that he was unable to properly recover because of a defective medical device.

Patients diagnosed with Parkinson's could suffer wrongful death

It often seems as though the number of aging California residents diagnosed with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's is growing all of the time. These diseases are serious and can typically yield better life outcomes for those who are diagnosed and treated as early on as possible, but just how accurate are some of these diagnoses? As it turns out, a significant number of older Americans have been wrongly diagnosed with these diseases, putting them at potential harm for serious injuries and even wrongful death.