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June 2016 Archives

California car accident kills 3 men

Three men were killed after a series of vehicle accidents. No criminal charges were filed for the second car accident, although that collision ultimately caused the fatalities. However, California police have taken one driver into custody on suspicions of possible drunk driving, which might have been the ultimate cause behind the first wreck.

Bassist Craig MacGregor falls victim to medical malpractice

Foghat is perhaps best known for its classic rock hit "Slow Ride," but bassist Craig MacGregor's health has been the band's most recent headline. After decades spent playing music, a missed diagnosis has left MacGregor unable to play his bass and in dire condition. Medical errors -- just one type of medical malpractice -- is currently the third most common cause of death and can effect patients in California without regard to fame or status.

The VA notifies veterans of potential medical malpractice

Living with a brain injury requires specific care, treatment and help. Any failure to diagnose a traumatic brain injury can leave victims vulnerable to further injury. A recent internal investigation at the Department of Veterans Affairs revealed that a sizable number of veterans were the victim of medical malpractice after their traumatic brain injuries were misdiagnosed.

Do you know the signs of nursing home neglect?

Elder abuse is a real and serious threat to an otherwise vulnerable community. California families often go to great lengths to select the best possible residential facility for their loved ones, but nursing home neglect can occur virtually anywhere at any time. The risk is especially high for those suffering from certain cognitive disorders.

Database could protect patients from defective medical device

Inherently defective and flawed devices continue to harm patients in California for many reasons, but a significant contributor is a simple lack of information on the providers' side. It can be difficult to understand how this can happen in a world perpetuated by 24-hour news cycles and viral videos on social media, but most manufacturers are not exactly eager to cut into their profits by sounding the alarm about a defective medical device. It is possible that a lack of information regarding dangerous devices could soon end as the Food and Drug Administration pushes forward with the Global Unique Device Identification Database.