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Bassist Craig MacGregor falls victim to medical malpractice

Foghat is perhaps best known for its classic rock hit "Slow Ride," but bassist Craig MacGregor's health has been the band's most recent headline. After decades spent playing music, a missed diagnosis has left MacGregor unable to play his bass and in dire condition. Medical errors -- just one type of medical malpractice -- is currently the third most common cause of death and can effect patients in California without regard to fame or status.

In 2012, MacGregor underwent a CAT scan following a fall. Although the test was looking for possible broken ribs, what it actually turned up was much more serious. The resulting radiology report noted that there was a 10 millimeter nodule. MacGregor was never notified of the find, but says that if he had been told he would have had the opportunity to seek care in a timelier manner.

The tumor had grown approximately 60 times larger by the time that he was diagnosed with cancer. Facing an inoperable tumor that even affected his brain, MacGregor now must undergo chemotherapy, CyberKnife surgery and immunotherapy. Side effects of his cancer treatment also caused him to develop bulbous fingertips that prevent him from enjoying playing the bass as he once did.

Diagnostic errors affect some 12 million patients in America every year, and MacGregor is now part of a growing movement that believes patients should be able to access their own medical information. Physicians have pushed back against this by claiming that it would cause some patients to be unnecessarily worried about otherwise normal test results. With no clear resolution to this ongoing issue, California patients adversely affected by a missed diagnosis can still recover just compensation for their damages by successfully navigating medical malpractice suits against negligent physicians.

Source:, "Foghat bassist learns medical error delayed cancer diagnosis for years", Samantha Melamed, June 19, 2016

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