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California car accident kills 3 men

Three men were killed after a series of vehicle accidents. No criminal charges were filed for the second car accident, although that collision ultimately caused the fatalities. However, California police have taken one driver into custody on suspicions of possible drunk driving, which might have been the ultimate cause behind the first wreck.

A pickup truck hauling a trailer was struck from behind by a smaller motor vehicle sometime after midnight. The force of the impact was so strong that the truck was sent flying against the highway's center divider while the trailer swiveled around into other lanes. The full extent of injuries caused in this wreck is not entirely clear, although it is known that the driver who rear-ended the pickup suffered at least minor injuries.

Following the wreck, a nearby Uber vehicle pulled onto the highway's shoulder, and its passenger exited the vehicle in order to render assistance to the victims. A short while later, the driver and passenger of the pickup were standing alongside the center divider with the Uber passenger. As they stood there, an oncoming pickup struck the three men, killing them. After being transported to the hospital, the driver who caused the initial accident was arrested for possibly being under the influence at the time of the wreck.

California families faced with the sudden death of loved ones are often burdened by related financial damages. Evidence collected by police in order to criminally charge a driver for a car accident can also be used by victims' families to successfully achieve compensation from a wrongful death suit. However, a lack of criminal charges does not mean that an otherwise negligent driver cannot be named in a claim. Whether criminally charged or free to walk, irresponsible and reckless drivers can be held legally and financially responsible for their actions.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "3 Men Killed In Multi-Vehicle Crash On 405 Freeway In Carson", June 17, 2016

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