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Do you know the signs of nursing home neglect?

Elder abuse is a real and serious threat to an otherwise vulnerable community. California families often go to great lengths to select the best possible residential facility for their loved ones, but nursing home neglect can occur virtually anywhere at any time. The risk is especially high for those suffering from certain cognitive disorders.

June 2016 is an important month for advocates of the elderly. As National Elder Abuse Awareness month, advocates hope to highlight the signs and symptoms associated with abuse. Even the most attentive families might misinterpret the signs of abuse as their loved one simply adjusting to a new environment. The sudden onset of depression and refusal to participate in otherwise normal activities are prime indicators that a loved one is suffering the effects of emotional abuse in his or her residential facility.

Abuse can also come in the form of neglect for a person's primary health needs. Patients who are unable to move without help often develop bed sores and poor hygiene when staff neglect their needs. These victims also often go without necessary medical care, including regular treatments and help for unexpected illnesses.

Nursing home neglect victimizes some of the most vulnerable citizens in California and creates heartbreak for them and their families. The unjustified abuse and neglect that transpires behind the walls of some of the state's nursing homes can seem impossible to stop, but families often play a pivotal role in protecting others. When families successfully achieve justice and compensation on behalf of their loved ones by holding facilities and their staff responsible, it often creates a safer environment for other residents.

Source:, "June is Elder Abuse Awareness", Emily Lambright, June 2, 2016

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