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July 2016 Archives

Deaths by medical malpractice third only to cancer, heart disease

California patients tend to trust the diagnoses rendered by their physicians, but it is very possible that much of that trust is misplaced. Medical mistakes -- including misdiagnoses or the complete failure to render any diagnosis at all -- are now the third most common type of death in the United States. With such high rates of death, it is also likely that there are untold numbers of patients who are still unaware that they were victims of medical malpractice.

Women suffer high rates of medical malpractice after giving birth

Giving birth is often a joyful and empowering moment for California mothers, but for some, it can also be the start of serious medical complications. Undiagnosed birth injuries are startlingly high for women. Perhaps even more troubling is that the full impact of this type of medical malpractice might still not be fully understood.

Misdiagnosis often leads to medical malpractice in California

Many California medical patients have minimal to zero background in health-related areas that would allow them greater understanding of their own conditions. They rely on doctors to inform them of any condition or disease requiring medication, surgery or other treatment. In some situations, misdiagnosis has led to further illness and even death, leading to medical malpractice claims being filed against the physicians deemed responsible.

Defective medical device blamed for man's infection and death

Minimizing the risk of infection is usually one of the top priorities at California hospitals, and staff typically follow strict protocols to help create the safest environment for patients. An out-of-state family claims that a defective medical device compromised a patient's infection-free environment and ultimately caused his death. A product liability suit has since been filed, naming LivaNova, PLC -- the device's manufacturer -- and the hospital as liable parties.