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September 2016 Archives

California man seriously injured in fiery car accident

A fiery collision on a California Highway left one man dead and another seriously injured. Police suspect that a third vehicle might have also been involved in the car accident, but have yet to say more regarding the matter other than that they are still investigating. No criminal charges have been filed, as the driver believed to be responsible for the wreck was killed.

Medical malpractice suits often necessary after misdiagnosis

What's one of the first things that patients do after receiving a serious diagnosis? For most patients, treatments start right away. However, not all diagnoses are correct. California patients who have been misdiagnosed must live with the aftermath of either not receiving treatment at all or receiving the wrong treatment; additionally, they most-assuredly experience a significant delay in getting the correct care for their illnesses. This type of medical malpractice can wreak havoc on victims' physical and mental well-being.

Essure believed to be defective medical device

Opponents of the popular birth control device Essure expressed their frustration with the Food and Drug Administration for allowing it to remain on the market. Widely associated with many adverse effects and injuries, women in California and across the rest of the United States are suffering while the FDA appears to be doing very little. Currently, the FDA has made only minor recommendations and also requested that Bayer -- its manufacturer -- conduct another study. Some believe this is simply not enough action for what appears to be a defective medical device.

Don't let the insurance company undervalue your serious injuries

Careless drivers, distracted motorists and drunk drivers -- they all contribute to dangerous driving conditions that put others at risk. Car accidents caused by these types of negligent drivers often result in serious injuries. We understand the tremendous burden that these types of injuries place on California victims, and we stand firm when it comes to seeking justice for our clients.