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Don't let the insurance company undervalue your serious injuries

Careless drivers, distracted motorists and drunk drivers -- they all contribute to dangerous driving conditions that put others at risk. Car accidents caused by these types of negligent drivers often result in serious injuries. We understand the tremendous burden that these types of injuries place on California victims, and we stand firm when it comes to seeking justice for our clients.

Car wrecks can occur in the blink of an eye, permanently altering the course of a person's future. Negligent drivers rarely want to take responsibility for their actions, especially when their recklessness is related to obvious dangers behind the wheel, such as texting or drinking alcohol. Negligent drivers often have their insurance companies at their backs, refusing payment for necessary injuries at every turn.

Sadly, some victims forego seeking compensation entirely because they perceive insurance companies to be too formidable to go up against. While some victims believe this will give them more time to focus on recovering, it can have the opposite effect. When medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering are not properly compensated, victims can struggle with the financial aspect of recovery, many of whom end up returning to work before they are ready.

California victims who have suffered serious injuries in car wrecks because of another driver's negligence deserve justice. We stand proudly alongside these victims and uphold their rights, even as insurance companies attempt to undervalue damages and divert attention from the important issues. Our experience and knowledge has led to favorable results for many of our clients.

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