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October 2016 Archives

Navy member accused of DUI following fatal car accident

Certain activities can put a person's life at risk, such as walking on busy highway or driving over the speed limit. However, most people in California likely feel relatively safe while at a festival located below a highway bridge. Unfortunately, several people recently lost their lives in a car accident involving a vehicle that plunged over a bridge into a crowd attending a festival below.

California hospitals plagued by superbugs and wrongful death

Ongoing antibiotic resistance has led to so-called superbugs that are incredibly difficult for patients to fight off. This epidemic causes thousands of annual deaths in California, but many patients remain wholly unaware of the superbugs that plague certain hospitals. In some instances, revealing this type of information might allow a patient to choose a different hospital, ultimately helping his or her family to avoid the pain and suffering a wrongful death can cause.

Is that a defective medical device? Medicare usually isn't sure

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services -- the CMS -- recently revealed a chilling fact: it has no idea how much money is being spent on defective devices. A single defective medical device can cause profound damage for multiple patients in California, who often must then go on to receive additional care and treatment. Until CMS is sure of how much it spends on related injuries, there likely cannot be any action to curb the impact.

Nursing home neglect justice is undermined by arbitration clauses

Discovering that a loved one has been harmed while in the care of a nursing home can be devastating, and most families are determined to help their loved ones achieve justice for their injuries. People in California are often surprised when they are told that arbitration is their only option. In the face of overwhelming nursing home neglect and abuse, some might be wondering how these facilities are able to lowball victims and their families by insisting upon arbitration rather than a lawsuit.