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November 2016 Archives

Medical malpractice lawsuit seeks $12.5 million in damages

Drug addiction is difficult for families in California and across the country. In addition to the physical consequences, those addicted often face time in jail. Because those in prison are unable to seek medical care on their own, they are often left at the mercy of the corrections center jailing them and the doctors at the jail. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman claims in a medical malpractice lawsuit that her son, who was battling heroin addiction, died as a result of opiate withdrawal because medical care providers at the jail failed to provide appropriate care.

DUI charges dropped re fatal California car accident

When a family loses a loved one as a result of the negligent acts of a driver, knowing that the responsible party will face criminal charges often provides those grieving some degree of comfort. The families of two people who died in a California car accident in March may also be examining their civil options. While the driver who allegedly caused two fatalities is no longer facing charges of driving under the influence, she is still accused of vehicular manslaughter.

Fatal car accident in California leads to arrest

At the end of a work day, there is nothing more appealing to some workers than to unwind at a nearby restaurant. Unfortunately, police say that a man in California was killed in a car accident they believe was caused by a drunk driver as he walked to a nearby pizza parlor. The driver who allegedly caused the accident has since been arrested.

Woman claims nursing home neglect caused her mother's death

Those in a nursing home in California are often left without a voice. They are reliant on health care providers to ensure that their basic needs are met. Unfortunately, many fall victim to nursing home neglect. One out-of-state woman now claims that nursing home negligence caused her mother's death.

Serious injuries, multiple fatalities in California crash

Many drivers on California roadways take precautions to ensure that their behavior does not threaten their safety or the safety of those around them. Unfortunately, even a few moments of inattention -- something as simple as changing the radio station or picking up a dropped item -- can cause an accident resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. Police in California are still investigating the cause of an accident than killed 13 and injured several others.