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Serious injuries, multiple fatalities in California crash

Many drivers on California roadways take precautions to ensure that their behavior does not threaten their safety or the safety of those around them. Unfortunately, even a few moments of inattention -- something as simple as changing the radio station or picking up a dropped item -- can cause an accident resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. Police in California are still investigating the cause of an accident than killed 13 and injured several others.

The incident happened at approximately 5 a.m. one morning in late October. Reports indicate that the accident involved a tour bus typically used to transport people to and from casinos. Unfortunately, the bus reportedly slammed into the rear of a tractor-trailer.

The force of the impact forced the bus approximately 15 feet into the truck's trailer. Thirteen people died in the collision, including the bus driver, and dozens of others were injured. The driver of the tractor-trailer suffered only minor injuries. Police are still working to determine the cause of the accident and haven't ruled out speed, drugs or alcohol as possible factors.

A completed investigation can not only potentially prevent similar accidents in the future but can also provide those grieving the unexpected loss of a loved one some degree of closure. In the meantime, surviving family members are left struggling with the financial implications of their losses. Additionally, victims suffering serious injuries will often require extensive medical treatment, resulting in medical bills that are more than they can handle. These victims have options to help them manage their financial situations. An attorney with experience with personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits in California can help them better understand their options and initiate proceedings if the victim chooses that option.

Source:, "At least 13 people killed in California tour bus, semi-truck crash, officials say", Oct. 23, 2016

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