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December 2016 Archives

California police make arrest re fatal car accident

Most California drivers are concerned for their safety as they drive. As a result, they take certain safety precautions such as obeying speed limits and ensuring their seat belts are fastened at all times. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers often find it impossible to evade those who fail to take proper safety measures. For example, police say that a woman was recently killed in a car accident involving a driver who was allegedly driving the wrong way and under the influence of alcohol.

California dump truck accident causes serious injuries

In California, there are many people who travel by motorcycle. Unfortunately, their safety may be at risk from drivers who fail to take appropriate safety precautions in order to protect users of non-traditional vehicles. Because motorcyclists may be more difficult to see, drivers must remain cautious. Unfortunately, one motorcyclist recently suffered serious injuries after a collision with a dump truck.  

California car accident involving motorcycle proves fatal

Motorcycles can often be difficult to see on California roadways because of their smaller size. Nevertheless, drivers of traditional motor vehicles must always be vigilant in order to protect motorcyclists. Unfortunately, police claim that a man recently lost his life in a car accident involving a motorcycle.

California Highway Patrol investigates fatal car accident

At this time of year, a driver could encounter more traffic on the roadways in California and across the nation as people travel to visit family or complete their holiday shopping. Regardless of the time of day or amount of traffic, drivers must remain vigilant and work to protect their personal safety as well as the safety of others they may encounter. Unfortunately, one young woman recently lost her life in a fatal car accident.