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Car accident involving drunk driver kills two

Safety should always be a major concern for drivers. Following traffic laws and being aware of surroundings are a good way to stay safe, but it isn't always enough. It is impossible to control every situation on the road, especially those involving drivers under the influence of alcohol. On Dec. 25, a two-car accident involving a drunk driver left two dead in San Jose, California.

On Christmas day, around 12:28 a.m., a family of three was traveling home when a female driver veered into their lane, resulting in a head-on collision. A 14-year-old boy who was riding in the rear passenger seat of the eastbound car was seriously injured in the crash and died shortly after being rushed to the hospital. The other driver, who also died at the hospital, was reportedly seen at a bar having drinks prior to the accident. The San Jose Police also confirmed that she was wanted for a previous misdemeanor DUI.

The young man killed in the accident was described as being very outgoing with a lot of friends. Vigils were held on Sunday and Monday night where friends and family brought flowers and candles to mourn his untimely death. His parents were devastated at the loss of their child.

Driving under the influence of alcohol not only endangers the person behind the wheel, it puts everyone around him or her at risk. A car accident involving a drunk driver can often prove to be fatal, leaving families to grieve over lost loved ones. In these types of accidents, a wrongful death claim can be filed if the negligent driver is suspected of being under the influence at the time of the crash. If the negligent driver is killed in the accident, a claim can be made against the estate of the wrongful party. People in California often seek out the advice of an attorney when faced with similar situations to explore any legal options that may be available to them.

Source:, "Fatal Christmas crash: Suspected drunken driver was already wanted on DUI", Robert Salonga, Dec. 25, 2016

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