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Medical malpractice in common surgery leads to wrongful death

Many people have undergone surgery to have their wisdom teeth removed. Residents of California often think of this as a routine procedure, generally with little risk involved. Even in the case of minor surgery, any form of negligence can put the health of the patient at serious risk. A recent case of medical malpractice during a routine wisdom teeth removal resulted in the wrongful death of a teenage girl.

The girl was placed under general anesthesia for the operation. Several minutes into the procedure her heart rate dropped, and she went into cardiac arrest. She was rushed to the hospital but died several days later. An investigation of the incident revealed that she was improperly monitored during the anesthesia. The oral surgeon who performed the procedure was already practicing on a restricted license for previous infractions.

A lot of people find it important to have knowledge of any risks involved when undergoing surgery. This is especially true when the surgery is for a serious health issue. Routine outpatient procedures are more commonplace, and they may often be taken less seriously. Failure to properly monitor a patient during even the simplest procedure can put his or her life in danger.

Losing a child may be one of the most difficult things to accept. High medical bills, as well as funeral and burial costs, only add to the stress of such a tragic event. If his or her death is caused by negligence, the family may choose to seek legal action against the responsible party. When faced with a similar situation, many families in California choose to speak with an attorney for advice on how to proceed with a wrongful death claim.

Source:, "Family of Eden Prairie teen who died after wisdom teeth procedure sues Edina dentist", Paul Walsh, Jan. 29, 2017

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