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Driver leaves scene of multiple car accident in California

A single bad decision made while driving can have disastrous results. Many accidents are the result of one person's failure to obey proper traffic laws. If a driver chooses not to obey the speed limit or traffic lights, he or she can put the safety of everyone nearby at risk. Two people were taken to the hospital after a recent multiple car accident in California.

This particular accident started with a white car that was making a left turn after stopping at an intersection. The car pulled out in front of an SUV, causing it to swerve and hit a school bus. After being hit, the school bus proceeded to crash into two parked cars, pushing one of them a short distance down the street before coming to a stop. Two of the drivers involved were taken to a hospital shortly after the accident.

There were several teenagers in the bus at the time of the accident, none of which sustained any injuries. No one was inside the parked car that was crushed by the bus. The driver of the white car that initiated the crash did not remain at the scene, and the police are attempting to locate him or her.

If a driver is found to be at fault in an accident that results in the injury of another, he or she may be held accountable. A person who is injured in a car accident involving a negligent driver may choose to seek financial restitution for any medical bills incurred. Many people in California seek the advice of an attorney when faced with a similar situation for advice on how to proceed with a personal injury claim.

Source:, "Video captures violent crash involving school bus in South LA", Anabel Munoz, Jan. 27, 2017

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