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March 2017 Archives

Health risks involved with a defective medical device

Patients across the country are implanted with medical devices every day. Companies in California that manufacture similar products are responsible for properly testing them before they are available for use, as well as advising patients of any possible risks involved. If a company fails to do so, a person's health may be at risk. A man in another state has recently failed a lawsuit accusing a company of manufacturing a defective medical device.

2 dead following head-on car accident in California

Numerous individuals across the country are killed in motor vehicle collisions every year. Many of these accidents come as a result of one driver's negligence, leaving the victim's surviving family members to suffer in various ways. A recent car accident in California killed two people after a driver crossed into the wrong lane of traffic.

Recent lawsuit claims nursing home neglect lead to man's death

Many individuals who are forced to reside in a care facility are no longer capable of looking after themselves. Nursing homes in California operate on the basis that they are able to provide quality treatment to these particular individuals. In the event that a similar facility fails to adequately monitor and treat a patient, the result can be catastrophic. A recent lawsuit has been filed in another state accusing a facility of nursing home neglect after a man died while under its care.

Three dead in car accident involving drunk driver in California

Driving under the influence of alcohol has been the cause of many dangerous collisions over the years. When a person makes the decision to drive drunk, he or she endangers the lives of everyone on the road. A car accident under similar circumstances often ends in severe injuries for anyone involved and, in some cases, death. Three people have died after a recent accident in California.