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2 dead following head-on car accident in California

Numerous individuals across the country are killed in motor vehicle collisions every year. Many of these accidents come as a result of one driver's negligence, leaving the victim's surviving family members to suffer in various ways. A recent car accident in California killed two people after a driver crossed into the wrong lane of traffic.

The accident occurred early in the day when one driver crossed into oncoming traffic, causing his vehicle to collide with one driven by a woman. Both drivers were pronounced dead following the collision. Witnesses say the man was speeding at the time, traveling anywhere from 80 to 100 mph. A third car was also involved, but that driver suffered only minor injuries in the process.

Police will likely launch an investigation into the accident to determine what may have caused the man to enter the wrong lane. Speeding is a common cause of fatal car accidents. If a driver is found to have been negligent in an accident resulting in the death of another, he or she may be held responsible through the civil justice system. If the party believed culpable is also killed in the accident, a claim may be filed against his or her estate.

Families who have lost loved ones in a car accident of this nature often face various hardships. Medical and/or burial costs can put a significant financial burden on surviving family members, prompting many to seek relief through a claim against the party deemed at fault. When facing a similar situation, families in California often seek the advice of an experienced attorney for assistance in filing wrongful death claims.

Source:, "Wrong-Way Driver Causes Deadly Multi-Vehicle Crash on White Rock Road", Katelyn Stark, March 20, 2017

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