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Health risks involved with a defective medical device

Patients across the country are implanted with medical devices every day. Companies in California that manufacture similar products are responsible for properly testing them before they are available for use, as well as advising patients of any possible risks involved. If a company fails to do so, a person's health may be at risk. A man in another state has recently failed a lawsuit accusing a company of manufacturing a defective medical device.

The patient was implanted with a removable inferior vena cava filter. After about a year, he was undergoing a procedure for removal, when the physician advised that the filter had tilted, and the retrieval hook was now embedded in the wall of the vein. After two months, the patient visited another doctor who was able to remove the filter. Unfortunately, the doctor also advised that the patient suffered damage to the IVC wall as a result of the embedded hook.

There are various risks involved in a similar situation, including the potential for internal bleeding and/or death. It is generally advisable to leave the filters in place for only a short time, and anything beyond the period previously determined can lead to other complications as well. The lawsuit claims that the company in question failed to warn patients and doctors of possible side effects of the medical device in question.

A person who is seriously injured by a defective medical device often faces various hardships as a result. If a company is determined negligent in the manufacturing of a similar device, the victim may be entitled to financial restitution through the civil justice system. When facing a similar situation, victims in California may choose to speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in filing a claim against the company deemed at fault.

Source:, "Lawsuit Filed Over IVC Filter Stuck in Vein", March 17, 2017

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