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May 2017 Archives

California court overturns medical malpractice ruling

Malpractice can sometimes mean that a physician did not meet a sufficient standard of care. Physicians are bound by standardized practices and procedures that must be followed in every case in order to provide the best outcomes for a patient. Recently, a California man with cerebral palsy sued his physicians for medical malpractice and won, but the case was overturned in the appeals court and returned to the trial court to reconsider the amount of the damages awarded.

California car accident injures 3

Serious car accidents can leave an imprint on lives that last a lifetime. Severe injuries, emotional suffering and even death can result from a car accident that seems to happen in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, a car accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, causing unnecessary harm to drivers and passengers alike. Recently, a car accident in California injured three people in the early morning hours on Mother's Day. 

Medical malpractice claim costs California health provider big

When an injured person seeks medical treatment, he or she expects to promptly receive the required care in order to be quickly restored to health. It is the responsibility of a health care provider to direct injured individuals to the proper physicians who are both in-network and trained in the required specialty. A health care provider based in California was recently ordered to pay an injured man whose necessary treatment was delayed due to medical malpractice.

Serious auto accident in California leaves 1 dead, 1 arrested

People rely on transportation everyday to get where they are going with barely a second thought about danger. News of a serious auto accident can bring that reality very close by revealing the possible deadly consequences of drunk driving. A recent incident in California highlighting this issue has left one dead and put one other person in custody.