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Medical malpractice claim costs California health provider big

When an injured person seeks medical treatment, he or she expects to promptly receive the required care in order to be quickly restored to health. It is the responsibility of a health care provider to direct injured individuals to the proper physicians who are both in-network and trained in the required specialty. A health care provider based in California was recently ordered to pay an injured man whose necessary treatment was delayed due to medical malpractice.

A California man filed lawsuit against his health care provider, claiming that they did not not treat his broken hand in a timely manner. The man fell while he was working as a freelance sports photographer in another state. An ER doctor referred the man to an orthopedic surgeon for surgery the next day, but the surgeon refused his medical insurance. Many other delays occurred, due to his health agency referring him to doctors that were either not hand specialists or who were out-of-network. 

The man finally received treatment seven weeks later, but by then the damage to his hand was permanent. He is unable to use the right hand, and it has affected his ability to work because he is not capable of holding a camera. Although lawyers from the health provider asserted that the man did not properly follow up on his treatments, the court found the health care provider responsible and awarded the man $7.25 million for medical malpractice.

Serious injuries require fast care in order to reduce permanent damage and deformity. Health care providers have a responsibility to direct the patient to a doctor who can help. Injured patients have a right to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney if their providers did not promptly respond to their issue in order to explore their options for seeking justice for permanent injury due to medical malpractice. A knowledgeable attorney can help with the task of filing claims against health care providers believed to be responsible for permanent damage. 

Source:, "Jury orders Signal Hill health provider to pay $7.25 million in injury suit", May 4, 2017

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