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June 2017 Archives

Road rage truck accidents on the rise in California

Aggressive driving accidents are unfortunately on the rise. Serious car and truck accidents are being caused when drivers lose their tempers on the road. Recently, one man is recovering from injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident on the California highway.

Innovations can lower medical malpractice in California hospitals

Making patients safer is the end goal of many new technologies being rolled out in the medical industry. One technology in particular has already improved outcomes in a California hospital. Future-thinking technologies, once accepted, have the ability to reduce patient deaths and medical malpractice claims. Until then, injured patients may need to seek help seeking damages. 

Car accident kills one, injures others in California

Summertime brings warmer weather and more traffic on the road. Troubles can be experienced by drivers on the roads and highways due to increased usage of state highways. Authorities are frequently responding to crash sites to control the scene and aid the injured. When such events result in injuries and even death, the effects on individuals and families can be long lasting. A recent news story shares the story of a car accident in California left one man dead and others injured

Medical malpractice cases put California doc in top one percent

Some childless couples are willing to pay large sums of money and endure great hardships in order to conceive a child. Fertility clinics compete for business with one another and advertise huge success rates. Some researchers and experts claim that high rates of success for IVF clinics can be artificially inflated and failures obscured. A recent news story tells the tale of one California fertility doctor whose high number of malpractice cases has put him in the top one percent of physicians paying out for medical malpractice and has called his whole practice into question. 

California Memorial Day truck accidents kill at least 2 people

Memorial Day weekend brings a higher-than-average number of people out onto the roads, thereby increasing the chances of meeting with misfortune. Truck accidents, serious car accidents and serious injuries are sometimes the unfortunate consequences associated with careless driving. An example of this is shown in a recent sad event in California that led to the deaths of two young people over the holiday weekend.