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Innovations can lower medical malpractice in California hospitals

Making patients safer is the end goal of many new technologies being rolled out in the medical industry. One technology in particular has already improved outcomes in a California hospital. Future-thinking technologies, once accepted, have the ability to reduce patient deaths and medical malpractice claims. Until then, injured patients may need to seek help seeking damages. 

A recent study tells us that medical malpractice injuries cause the deaths of 1,000 people per day in the United States. With numbers like that, it's no surprise that doctors and medical teams are looking for ways to innovate and improve those numbers. By incorporating technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality and augmented reality, doctors will be able to better serve their patients. 

One such technological adaptation is the AcesoCloud, a cloud-based sepsis care management and analytics platform, designed to help doctors diagnose and treat sepsis, the leading cause of death in hospitals. This device has helped a large Southern California hospital reduce its sepsis mortality rate as well as decreasing costs by 20 percent. By using the tool, the hospital has decreased the average ICU stay by one day as well.

In California, some hospitals are embracing new technologies to reduce the impacts on patients' health. Doctors have a responsibility to provide the best care and to have work that is free from error. People who may have been injured by medical malpractice have the right to contact an attorney for assistance in filing for compensation in relation to damages they have incurred at the hands of a negligent physician. 

Source:, "Can innovation help curb medical mistakes?", Larry Stofko, June 20, 2017

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