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Medical malpractice cases put California doc in top one percent

Some childless couples are willing to pay large sums of money and endure great hardships in order to conceive a child. Fertility clinics compete for business with one another and advertise huge success rates. Some researchers and experts claim that high rates of success for IVF clinics can be artificially inflated and failures obscured. A recent news story tells the tale of one California fertility doctor whose high number of malpractice cases has put him in the top one percent of physicians paying out for medical malpractice and has called his whole practice into question. 

One couple's experience with the doctor led to what they claimed was an unwanted termination of pregnancy. It was revealed that the woman was implanted with defective embryos from another patient instead of her own healthy embryos. When the mistake was discovered by the doctor's staff, the doctor called the couple in for an appointment and terminated the pregnancy without informing the couple, they alleged. 

Once the couple realized what had happened, they brought a lawsuit against the doctor. He settled the case with them out of court and was able to avoid being reported to the California medical board. A look into the doctor's history shows a pattern of lawsuits that include claims of botched treatments, false hope and financial ruin. Poor oversight in fertility treatment allows this physician and others like him to use questionable implantation methods to increase their numbers. 

When couples in California reach out to medical professionals in order to conceive, they are full of hope. When medical malpractice dashes those hopes, the couples are left saddened and traumatized. Dreams die, and some women are left with even more difficult physical issues than before. Couples who have been the victims of medical malpractice in California may wish to reach out to an attorney as they try to rebuild their lives financially, mentally and emotionally after such a traumatic event. 

Source:, "When Pregnancy Dreams Become IVF Nightmares", Bernice Yeung and Jonathan Jones, June 5, 2017

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