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Road rage truck accidents on the rise in California

Aggressive driving accidents are unfortunately on the rise. Serious car and truck accidents are being caused when drivers lose their tempers on the road. Recently, one man is recovering from injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident on the California highway.

A passenger in another car caught the incident on video when he saw a road rage incident increase in intensity. In the recorded video, viewers can see the driver of a motorcycle kick the side of a car. The car then swerved and hit a cement divider, and was flung out into another lanes where it collided with a truck. The truck flipped, and the driver of the truck was injured. 

The driver of the motorcycle sped off, and authorities are still searching for the man who will be charged with felony hit-and-run once apprehended. Road rage cases such as these are extremely dangerous. Traffic safety authorities report that road rage fatalities have increased 60 percent since 2011 and account for two thirds of all highway deaths. 

Luckily, the accident in California didn't end like many other truck accidents. The man suffered a head gash and is recovering. Innocent victims of a driver's aggressive and careless actions, like the elderly driver of the truck that was struck, have the right to pursue financial relief for the trauma and suffering they incur as a result of an accident caused by th negligence of another party. A lawyer can be a great tool for injured victims who deserve justice and payment of any medical bills associated with an accident that they had no responsibility in causing. 

Source: CBS News, "Apparent road-rage accident flips truck; survivor speaks out", Jamie Yuccas, June 22, 2017

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