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July 2017 Archives

2 people killed in California car accident

Driving in the early morning hours can be treacherous. Along with decreased visibility, there is also the concern about increased numbers of impaired drivers on the road. Many people leaving a party may not recognize their level of impairment. Still others may take for granted that there are less people on the road and feel more comfortable driving at high rates of speed, potentially endangering other drivers. A recent car accident in California leaves authorities still investigating the cause of an early morning crash. 

Woman files wrongful death lawsuit against California hospital

Most people find that their relationships with their loved ones are among the most important things in their lives. When such a relationship is cut short by the negligence of a medical professional, it is devastating. The surviving family is then deprived of the companionship and support of their irreplaceable loved one. In a recent news story, one California woman is facing this experience. She has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a hospital that she alleges caused the wrongful death of her husband. 

Serious auto accident in California kills 2

Two children are left without their mother following a recent rollover on a highway. The serious auto accident in California claimed the lives or two people, a woman and her boyfriend, and has left the remaining family with questions about exactly what happened. A recent news story gives details of this tragic event that has family members asking, what happened? 

Was wife of California actor a victim of medical malpractice?

A trip to the emergency room is an anxiety-filled time, and one hopes that the medical issue involved will be resolved by the team of doctors and nurses met there. Unfortunately, ERs are busy places, attending physicians are often generalists and sometimes  a patient is misdiagnosed. This typically constitutes grounds for a medical malpractice claim. Recently, Anne Wheaton, wife of California actor Wil Wheaton (of "Star Wars: The Next Generation," "Stand By Me" and "The Big Bang Theory" fame), ran into a misdiagnosis issue in an ER, and she is telling her story to raise awareness and help keep it from happening to other women like her.