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Serious auto accident in California kills 2

Two children are left without their mother following a recent rollover on a highway. The serious auto accident in California claimed the lives or two people, a woman and her boyfriend, and has left the remaining family with questions about exactly what happened. A recent news story gives details of this tragic event that has family members asking, what happened? 

Two out-of-state travelers had arrived in California on vacation. For unknown reasons, the driver lost control of the vehicle when she turned right. The vehicle rolled over several times and crashed into an embankment. The victim's sister has reported that the case has turned criminal, although few details and no other witnesses were left at the scene. The family has stated that they still have not seen the police report. 

The bodies of both people killed in the accident remain in California awaiting autopsy. At the time of the article, it had been 11 days since the deaths of the two individuals. The family wants closure, and more so, they want justice for their sister and her boyfriend. 

The serious auto accident has left the family forever changed. California authorities are still investigating the incident, and there is as yet no reported information about possible criminal charges against a third party. If officials find evidence that another person's negligent actions caused the tragic event, wrongful death claims on behalf of both the driver and passenger's estates may be appropriate. If, however, the evidence supports a finding of negligence by the vehicle driver, the passenger's estate would still have grounds for pursuing a claim for monetary damages in civil court. Those in California facing similar personal injury or wrongful death issues can contact an attorney who will be able to assist in filing a lawsuit in the pursuit of justice. 

Source:, "Family searching for answers after loved ones killed in rollover accident", Raquel Cervantes, July 4, 2017

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