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August 2017 Archives

California car accident injures ten-year-old girl

An early morning incident left one home in ruins and a ten-year-old girl in the hospital. The California resident was injured when a car crashed through the wall of her home and ejected her into the back yard. The car accident is not the first for this family home, and the family wants the driver to be held accountable. 

Will ADHD diagnoses lead to medical malpractice suits?

There is some controversy in the medical community about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Some critics argue that the illness is overdiagnosed, and that some children who are diagnosed with it actually do not and should instead be considered gifted. The medicines prescribed to individuals with ADHD have been shown to be addictive and lead to permanent changes in the brain. Will some California doctors then be charged with medical malpractice if a non-ADHD child becomes addicted to ADHD drugs? 

Car accident in Orange County kills California man

One person has lost his life allegedly due to the reckless practice of street racing, and one family is mourning the loss of a loved one due to the early morning collision. The tragic car accident occurred in Orange County on July 30. A recent news story gives more details about the sad event. 

California family seeks medical malpractice suit for daughter

A sensational case calling for the reversal of a death certificate has a family in conflict with the medical community. The parents of a California teen ruled brain dead are looking to have that judgment reversed to help with their medical malpractice case. Representatives of the hospital that allegedly contributed to her injury say that the woman's claims are not based in reality. A recent news story gives more details about the teen and her case.