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September 2017 Archives

California woman wins product liability lawsuit

Now is a time of major historic verdicts involving large corporations and dangers associated with the items they provide. Cases have involved the medical, food and personal care industries. Recently, a California woman has won a product liability lawsuit against talcum powder maker Johnson and Johnson, claiming it contributed to her cancer. 

Three car accident in California traps one

A moment of distraction can cause major damage, especially when the highway is concerned. One woman is learning this lesson after the accident that caused the injuries of two other women in California on September 18. The car accident resulted in one woman becoming trapped in her vehicle after being struck by another. 

Can a wrongful death concern be forced into arbitration?

Most people, if they come into a situation where they are harmed by another individual or agency, are able to use the legal system to try and get justice served on the matter. Unfortunately, large companies like nursing homes often try to force individuals to give up the right to sue and instead sign an arbitration agreement. In the event of a wrongful death in a nursing home, the family of the person may have to enter arbitration, which some experts find usually favors the nursing home. The California attorney general, along with 14 other attorneys general, consumer groups and others have recently come out in support of allowing individuals their right to sue. 

Orange County man injured after serious auto accident

A recent crash has injured a local man. The incident occurred in Orange County and resulted in a vehicle entrapment. The serious auto accident only injured one person, although others were involved. A local news story gives more detail about this unfortunate incident. 

Wrongful death case of California woman equals big fine for home

A care facility has a duty to provide needed care to residents. One California nursing home has received the most severe fine possible related to an incident in which a woman died due to lack of regular medical attention following a surgery. The nursing home is being held responsible for her wrongful death due to several failures on their part.