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California woman wins product liability lawsuit

Now is a time of major historic verdicts involving large corporations and dangers associated with the items they provide. Cases have involved the medical, food and personal care industries. Recently, a California woman has won a product liability lawsuit against talcum powder maker Johnson and Johnson, claiming it contributed to her cancer. 

The woman was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. She claimed the ovarian cancer was linked to her many years of using Johnson and Johnson talcum powder. On Aug. 21 of this year, it was announced that she had won her lawsuit and was awarded $417 million. 

Although conflicting evidence exists in studies completed on the talc/cancer link, at least one study noted a 30 percent greater chance of contracting ovarian cancer based on usage of products containing talc. The topic continues to be controversial, although the effects of talc on humans has been studied since the 1970s. Johnson and Johnson continues to maintain that the product is safe, but the jury did not side with the company. 

It is unfortunate that the woman is suffering such a devastating illness, and no amount of financial compensation can make up for the lost moments of her life. However, she hopes that the historic verdict can help others avoid any harm associated with the use of talc in body care products. Individuals in California who may have developed health issues associated with defective products may also be interested in filing their own product liability suit. An experienced lawyer can be a helpful guide when considering litigation. 

Source:, "Legal Look: Big Money Verdicts, Xarelto Trials and Food Safety", Lindsey Pasieka, Accessed on Sept. 27, 2017

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