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October 2017 Archives

Allegedly undiagnosed fistula leads to wrongful death lawsuit

For many residents of California and across the nation, the thought of losing a loved one may be just as painful and frightening as the possibility of their own death. People everywhere rely on health care providers to keep family members and relatives as safe and healthy as possible. This, then, is only one reason why some individuals decide to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit when a family member dies due to a careless doctor's negligence.

Lack of awareness can lead to medical malpractice in California

Missing an important diagnosis can have devastating effects on a person's health. When a physician listens to the patient, understands all possible diagnoses and orders the proper tests it is less likely that the patient will fall victim to medical malpractice. One California man's experience in trying to get a diagnosis for valley fever caused him to take some extreme measures to get treatment. 

Serious injuries for pair involved in California accident

Sadly, at least one more person has been killed on California roadways. A man and his female passenger were both hurt when their motorcycle crashed into the back of a car in Carlsbad. Little is known about the accident, aside from the serious injuries suffered by both individuals, but this recent news story continues to develop. 

Medical malpractice could be increased by gender bias

When people go to see a doctor, they hope to receive respect, care and the doctor's full attention. People like to trust that their doctor takes their concerns seriously and utilizes the appropriate testing and diagnosis methods in order to best treat the patient. Unfortunately, some research shows that women can sometimes fail to get proper diagnosis or treatment because of gender bias by physicians. Perhaps greater awareness will improve the medical malpractice rates of physicians in California and beyond. 

Serious auto accident leaves California family dead

An unfortunate incident on a freeway resulted in the deaths of three people. The serious auto accident was made even more newsworthy by the fact that it was caused by a police officer alleged to be under the influence of alcohol. The California freeway incident affected three cars total and left several victims in its wake.