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Serious auto accident kills beauty queen in California

An incident on the roadway has sadly ended in tragedy. Speed is the apparent cause of a crash that killed two people recently. The serious auto accident happened in California on Sunday, Nov. 5. 

Witnesses caught some of the aftermath of the crash on video. The driver of a lime green sports car was apparently speeding when he struck an anchor outside of a naval museum. People who saw the accident say that the car was traveling at 100 mph or more when the accident occurred. 

The car was engulfed in flames, and people on the scene were helpless to intervene as they heard the driver burning alive, entrapped in the vehicle. The passenger of the car, a young beauty queen, was thrown from the car. She was transported to a nearby hospital where she remained in a coma for two days but later died from her injuries. 

The grave results of such a serious auto accident will ripple out to affect friends, family and loved ones of the pair. Some might say that the tragedy is senseless because it may have been preventable had the driver been following posted speed limits. If it is in fact found that the California driver was acting in a negligent fashion, the family of the beauty queen may have a claim for damages and funeral expenses related to the incident. In similar cases, other individuals have used the services of a personal injury attorney to determine the most appropriate path for action to get justice for damages.

Source:, "Beauty queen thrown from Lamborghini dies days later", Nov. 8, 2017

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