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Car Accidents Archives

Serious auto accident in California kills 2

Two children are left without their mother following a recent rollover on a highway. The serious auto accident in California claimed the lives or two people, a woman and her boyfriend, and has left the remaining family with questions about exactly what happened. A recent news story gives details of this tragic event that has family members asking, what happened? 

Car accident kills one, injures others in California

Summertime brings warmer weather and more traffic on the road. Troubles can be experienced by drivers on the roads and highways due to increased usage of state highways. Authorities are frequently responding to crash sites to control the scene and aid the injured. When such events result in injuries and even death, the effects on individuals and families can be long lasting. A recent news story shares the story of a car accident in California left one man dead and others injured

California car accident injures 3

Serious car accidents can leave an imprint on lives that last a lifetime. Severe injuries, emotional suffering and even death can result from a car accident that seems to happen in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, a car accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, causing unnecessary harm to drivers and passengers alike. Recently, a car accident in California injured three people in the early morning hours on Mother's Day. 

Serious auto accident in California leaves 1 dead, 1 arrested

People rely on transportation everyday to get where they are going with barely a second thought about danger. News of a serious auto accident can bring that reality very close by revealing the possible deadly consequences of drunk driving. A recent incident in California highlighting this issue has left one dead and put one other person in custody. 

Young boy dies after rear-end car accident in California

A parent should never be forced to endure the loss of a child on account of the negligence of another party. Such unexpected events are tragic in nature, often leaving parents to experience periods of extreme emotional suffering. A recent car accident in California claimed the life of an 11-year-old boy after his car was struck from behind.

Car accident kills 2 after driver fails to obey stop sign

A family should never have to endure the loss of a loved one at the hands of a negligent driver. Drunk drivers have been the cause of many fatal accidents over the years. Those operating vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol may find it difficult, if not impossible, to respond in time to avoid collisions. A recent car accident under similar circumstances has claimed the lives of two people in California.

2 dead following head-on car accident in California

Numerous individuals across the country are killed in motor vehicle collisions every year. Many of these accidents come as a result of one driver's negligence, leaving the victim's surviving family members to suffer in various ways. A recent car accident in California killed two people after a driver crossed into the wrong lane of traffic.

Three dead in car accident involving drunk driver in California

Driving under the influence of alcohol has been the cause of many dangerous collisions over the years. When a person makes the decision to drive drunk, he or she endangers the lives of everyone on the road. A car accident under similar circumstances often ends in severe injuries for anyone involved and, in some cases, death. Three people have died after a recent accident in California.

Woman killed in hit-and-run car accident in California

Many individuals suffer serious injuries in vehicle crashes every year. With an increase in the amount of drivers each day, accidents are becoming more and more common. Every car accident has the potential to cause significant damage to the health of anyone involved. A woman is dead after a recent hit-and-run accident that took place in California.

Stolen vehicle causes serious car accident in California

Many individuals are injured by the actions of negligent drivers every year. There are numerous safety features in place to control the flow of traffic and, in turn, reduce the possibility for a car accident to occur. Unfortunately, someone who chooses to ignore them can put the health of everyone nearby at risk. In a recent accident in California, two people died and another was left with serious injuries.