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Nursing Home Deaths Archives

Nursing home sued for wrongful death in hidden video incident

Each person deserves death with dignity. When a loved one is in the care of nursing home staff, families hope that they can trust the people in charge of preserving that dignity and offering aid when it is needed. One nursing home has faced a wrongful death suit in the aftermath of one man's death. Families of individuals in California nursing homes may wish to know more details about the case in order to help any person who has been harmed due to medial negligence. 

Can a wrongful death concern be forced into arbitration?

Most people, if they come into a situation where they are harmed by another individual or agency, are able to use the legal system to try and get justice served on the matter. Unfortunately, large companies like nursing homes often try to force individuals to give up the right to sue and instead sign an arbitration agreement. In the event of a wrongful death in a nursing home, the family of the person may have to enter arbitration, which some experts find usually favors the nursing home. The California attorney general, along with 14 other attorneys general, consumer groups and others have recently come out in support of allowing individuals their right to sue. 

Wrongful death case of California woman equals big fine for home

A care facility has a duty to provide needed care to residents. One California nursing home has received the most severe fine possible related to an incident in which a woman died due to lack of regular medical attention following a surgery. The nursing home is being held responsible for her wrongful death due to several failures on their part. 

Recent lawsuit claims nursing home neglect lead to man's death

Many individuals who are forced to reside in a care facility are no longer capable of looking after themselves. Nursing homes in California operate on the basis that they are able to provide quality treatment to these particular individuals. In the event that a similar facility fails to adequately monitor and treat a patient, the result can be catastrophic. A recent lawsuit has been filed in another state accusing a facility of nursing home neglect after a man died while under its care.

Negligence in nursing home leads to wrongful death in California

There are many different reasons for a person to reside in a nursing home. Whether it is their choice or medical conditions force them to, residents of California nursing homes expect a certain quality of care. Staff in a nursing home should be aware of a resident's medical conditions, if there are any. Failure to monitor a person's condition can lead to serious injury or even wrongful death.

Woman claims nursing home neglect caused her mother's death

Those in a nursing home in California are often left without a voice. They are reliant on health care providers to ensure that their basic needs are met. Unfortunately, many fall victim to nursing home neglect. One out-of-state woman now claims that nursing home negligence caused her mother's death.

Nursing home neglect justice is undermined by arbitration clauses

Discovering that a loved one has been harmed while in the care of a nursing home can be devastating, and most families are determined to help their loved ones achieve justice for their injuries. People in California are often surprised when they are told that arbitration is their only option. In the face of overwhelming nursing home neglect and abuse, some might be wondering how these facilities are able to lowball victims and their families by insisting upon arbitration rather than a lawsuit.

Nursing home neglect increasingly documented online

Viral pictures and videos make the rounds of the internet on a seemingly daily basis, but not all of these viral sensations are harmless. Residents of California nursing homes and others across the United States are increasingly exploited by their own caretakers when their pictures are taken and then posted online. This type of thoughtless and even cruel behavior often coincides with nursing home neglect.

Sexual abuse allegations blamed on nursing home neglect

Advocates for sexual assault victims tend to ignore one of the most vulnerable groups of victims -- the elderly. Nursing home neglect can result in deplorable living conditions and terrifying treatment by staff. California families usually place their loved ones in facilities that they believe will provide the best possible care, and they typically expect that abusive staff will be quickly and severely dealt with.

Do you know the signs of nursing home neglect?

Elder abuse is a real and serious threat to an otherwise vulnerable community. California families often go to great lengths to select the best possible residential facility for their loved ones, but nursing home neglect can occur virtually anywhere at any time. The risk is especially high for those suffering from certain cognitive disorders.