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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Serious injuries for pair involved in California accident

Sadly, at least one more person has been killed on California roadways. A man and his female passenger were both hurt when their motorcycle crashed into the back of a car in Carlsbad. Little is known about the accident, aside from the serious injuries suffered by both individuals, but this recent news story continues to develop. 

Serious auto accident leaves California family dead

An unfortunate incident on a freeway resulted in the deaths of three people. The serious auto accident was made even more newsworthy by the fact that it was caused by a police officer alleged to be under the influence of alcohol. The California freeway incident affected three cars total and left several victims in its wake. 

Three car accident in California traps one

A moment of distraction can cause major damage, especially when the highway is concerned. One woman is learning this lesson after the accident that caused the injuries of two other women in California on September 18. The car accident resulted in one woman becoming trapped in her vehicle after being struck by another. 

Orange County man injured after serious auto accident

A recent crash has injured a local man. The incident occurred in Orange County and resulted in a vehicle entrapment. The serious auto accident only injured one person, although others were involved. A local news story gives more detail about this unfortunate incident. 

California car accident injures ten-year-old girl

An early morning incident left one home in ruins and a ten-year-old girl in the hospital. The California resident was injured when a car crashed through the wall of her home and ejected her into the back yard. The car accident is not the first for this family home, and the family wants the driver to be held accountable. 

Car accident in Orange County kills California man

One person has lost his life allegedly due to the reckless practice of street racing, and one family is mourning the loss of a loved one due to the early morning collision. The tragic car accident occurred in Orange County on July 30. A recent news story gives more details about the sad event. 

2 people killed in California car accident

Driving in the early morning hours can be treacherous. Along with decreased visibility, there is also the concern about increased numbers of impaired drivers on the road. Many people leaving a party may not recognize their level of impairment. Still others may take for granted that there are less people on the road and feel more comfortable driving at high rates of speed, potentially endangering other drivers. A recent car accident in California leaves authorities still investigating the cause of an early morning crash. 

Serious auto accident in California kills 2

Two children are left without their mother following a recent rollover on a highway. The serious auto accident in California claimed the lives or two people, a woman and her boyfriend, and has left the remaining family with questions about exactly what happened. A recent news story gives details of this tragic event that has family members asking, what happened? 

Car accident kills one, injures others in California

Summertime brings warmer weather and more traffic on the road. Troubles can be experienced by drivers on the roads and highways due to increased usage of state highways. Authorities are frequently responding to crash sites to control the scene and aid the injured. When such events result in injuries and even death, the effects on individuals and families can be long lasting. A recent news story shares the story of a car accident in California left one man dead and others injured

California car accident injures 3

Serious car accidents can leave an imprint on lives that last a lifetime. Severe injuries, emotional suffering and even death can result from a car accident that seems to happen in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, a car accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, causing unnecessary harm to drivers and passengers alike. Recently, a car accident in California injured three people in the early morning hours on Mother's Day.