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Posts tagged "medical device"

Victim awarded $100 million for defective medical device claim

Boston Scientific Corporation, the manufacturer of a popular transvaginal mesh insert, was ordered by a jury to shell out $100 million for serious defects in a product that injured a consumer. According to the details, the product was defective in its design, but the company chose to manufacture and distribute it in any event. California women who were injured because of this defective medical device may be encouraged by these findings to take action via a product liability claim.

Alleged defective bone cement prompts product liability suit

The safety and efficacy of medical treatment in the United States heavily relies on the careful crafting and engineering of proper medical tools and devices. Sadly, one woman claims that doctors utilized a defective medical device while operating on her knee, causing her to suffer serious injuries. Although the incident did occur in a medical setting, as the injury was caused by an alleged defective product and not a health care professional's negligence, victims of similar incidents in California would find the most appropriate course of action for compensation to be through a product liability suit rather than a medical malpractice claim.

Spread of bacteria linked to alleged defective medical device

Doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals in California may only be as effective and safe as the equipment or tools that they use. When a defective medical device makes it into the hands of health care providers, patients may be at risk for substantial injury or illness. One such allegedly defective product apparently works well enough but is exceptionally difficult to clean.

Possible defective medical device snapped in patient's leg

Medical implants must be durable and sturdy enough to stand up to a virtual lifetime of use by patients in California and all across the country. A patient from another state claims that her implant was faulty and ultimately caused her more harm than good. She is now seeking compensation against both Zimmer Inc., the manufacturer of the alleged defective medical device, as well as the hospital that implanted it. 

Defective medical device came with inadequate instructions

Nearly everyone who has spent any time in a hospital probably has a pretty good idea that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Some visitors might even be hard-pressed to travel more than a few feet in a California hospital without encountering a hand-sanitizing station. However, in situations where a sterile environment is required, it is possible that a defective medical device may not have been getting the job done.

Compensation is possible for a defective medical device injury

Scientific and technological advances have helped provide a vast array of medications and medical devices that can treat anything from an annoyance as simple as acne to a serious disease like cancer. While many of these have helped manage otherwise painful diseases or illnesses for patients in California, not all have acted as they should have. Sadly, a defective medical device can have a serious impact on an individual's life, and in some instances, action may be necessary.

Company denies producing defective medical device

It may be difficult for some people in California to imagine a world without any medical errors whatsoever. However, the founder of the organization Patient Safety Movement Foundation set out to do just that. The founder of the nonprofit also happens to be the CEO of a prominent medical device company. Despite the talks of improvement, the FDA has noted that his company, Masimo Corporation, may not be doing everything it can to avoid marketing an unnecessary defective medical device.

Investigation launched into possible defective medical device

Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is the producer of a mesh product for use in certain surgeries that has been at the center of some pretty hot controversy. This alleged defective medical device has allegedly affected both women and men across the country, including in California. Some of the injuries that were supposedly incurred appear to have long-lasting consequences for those affected.

Hip replacement fingered as a serious defective medical device

Hip replacement can sometimes appear to be a relatively common surgical procedure. Although many California patients undergo an operation for such a replacement every year, some may still be unaware of a defective medical device that caused significant pain and injury to some who received it. DePuy -- a company owned by Johnson & Johnson -- has recently offered a settlement in a class-action lawsuit concerning the company's hip implant.

Defibrillator lead recalled as a defective medical device

When it comes to their medical well-being, most patients place the responsibility in the hands of experts such as doctors, hospitals and medical device manufacturers. There are times, though, when the experts fail to act appropriately, and in turn serious injury can occur. Currently, a defective medical device is at the center of a lawsuit that even has a California judge weighing in.