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Posts tagged "truck accident"

Truck accidents responsible for significant number of deaths

In America's current economic and consumer climate, tractor-trailers and other large trucks play a critical role in moving goods across the country. For example, with the aid of large trucks, residents on the East Coast can enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables from California during times of the year when the climate does not allow them to grow their own locally. Sadly, many drivers behind the wheels of these types of vehicles ignore important safety standards that are designed to keep everyone on the road as safe as possible. When those standards are ignored, serious injuries can result from truck accidents

Truck accident kills 1, causes serious injuries for others

Navigating around 18-wheelers and other traffic can sometimes be difficult when traffic is at its finest, but when another vehicle makes a mistake, the results can be tragic. A recent truck accident involving multiple vehicles caused serious injuries and, sadly, one death. With the aid of eyewitness testimony, California police are continuing to investigate the initial cause of the wreck.

California truck accidents can be deadly

A couple that recently became engaged won't ever have the opportunity to go dress shopping, rent tuxedos or say their vows before family and loved ones. The California couple was aboard a bus that was struck by a FedEx truck, and the resulting accident caused fatalities. So far, 10 people have been reported as deceased from the incident, demonstrating how dangerous truck accidents can be.

California families may have help for victims of truck accidents

Southbound I-5 in Orange County was shut down for several hours after a fatal accident claimed the life of one man. Although the driver that appears to have caused the accident was not severely injured, he reportedly caused significant damage to several vehicles and even sparked a fire. Truck accidents such as this can often cause serious and catastrophic damage. In this California wreck, that damage cost a man his life.